NTCA By-Laws Updated June 6, 2012
North Texas Cricket Association, Wed Jun 6, 2012 6:06AM

 Dear Member Clubs,
Based on the discussion and recommendations at the Special General Meeting og May 19, 2012, the following have been amended to the NTCA by-laws:
Short pitched bowling rule (as described in the T20 section) will be uniform across all NTCA tournaments at the end of Phase 1 primary league 2012.
Add: Any full toss delivery, fast or slow, above the waist height of a batsman standing upright in normal stance, will be called a no-ball.
Powerplay rule, already implemented in 2011, will be added to the by-laws, thereby replacing the old fielding restrictions. 
Transfer Procedure - financial obligation (ongoing season only) of the player towards the club being left. The transferee shall only be responsible for the ongoing year’s club dues if the transfer is requested after the NTCA season team registration deadline.
Changing "minimum of 12 months" suspension to "up to 12 months" suspension for second offence under verbal misbehavior with the umpire.
Also sections have been rearranged for ease of reading. 
The by-laws document can be accessed from the home page of ntcricket.com under Governance tab.
The by-laws of June 6, 2012 revision are now in place for the NTCA T20 and Phase 2 of Primary league later this year in October.

Last updated: Wednesday June 6, 2012 10:07PM