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North Texas Cricket Association, Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:52PM
North Texas Cricket Umpires Association

One vital aspect of our playing, the umpiring of our games-specifically, the compensation part of, is being treated as a charity and a matter of least significance? Nothing could be farther from the truth. There can be no justification behind the umpires being made to wait while the captains try to procure a few dollars out of each camouflaging member. This is both in-dignified and embarrassing.
With immediate effect, the following shall be observed. Umpires fees shall be paid before the commencement of the games. Club administrators & captains are instructed to ensure that it is complied with. Umpires are hereby instructed not to start a match unless the fees have been collected. Cheques would be fully acceptable. In fact it should be the preferred method as it is time-saving for all.

The current fee structure is as follows:
    • Level 1        $30
    • Level 2        $40
    • Level 3        $50
The complete list of level two qualified umpires is posted on our web site. Some active ones are: Hemanth Lalawani, Aziz Savul, Tariq Murtuza, Jay Shah, Saby Sanyal, Faisal Akhtar, Hasu Patel, Uday Koorella, Ramesh Shanmugamoorthy, Amer Sheikh, Amol Biniwale, Janak Atodaria, Saif Haque, Fuzail Chaudhry etc.
Current Level three qualified umpires are:
*       John Boaden   
*       Dr. Thiru Annaswamy
*       Anwer Shahabuddin
*       Sameer Bandekar
*       Kamal Merchant
The above should be self-explanatory. However, should you have any question, please do communicate back.

Anwer Shahabuddin
President, NTCA

Last updated: Tuesday November 16, 2010 2:53PM